A Group Health Insurance Broker for your Health Plan Management

With skyrocketing health care costs over the last decade, employers have struggled to maintain a competitive group health plan without shifting too much cost to employees. The traditional approach of sharing increases with employees while making plan design changes is no longer a sustainable strategy.

Stay Ahead of the Game
The key for organizations seeking to stay ahead of the game in managing health costs is to address these health plan challenges in more of a holistic manner. Employers need to have a comprehensive strategy towards employee health.

We are all aware of the benefits that a healthy workforce has on health care premiums, but its affect on productivity can turn a company into a "high-performing workforce." While no single factor can ensure bottom line success, organizations can develop strategies that can reduce health care spend while positively influencing workforce productivity.


You Decide How  We're Compensated

Understanding companies have different needs, goals and work environments, Grooms partners with employers to create a custom health plan management strategy that can best meet the company's objectives and manage health plan trend utilizing a variety of components.