HR Solutions to Save Money & Increase Happiness

Now more than ever, human resource professionals are held accountable for their company’s benefit plan – on top of managing employees, vendors and staying on top of changing regulations.

Grooms Benefit Solutions understands the challenge of creating a positive company workplace that attracts and retains great employees, while keeping benefits costs in check. This is why our HR Consulting Services are based on strategies that simultaneously reduce and strategically align with health care spending and improve workforce productivity.

HR Consulting

Our experienced HR Consulting Services help you develop and manage an enticing, competitive benefits program to help transform your HR department into a cost savings center. This customized approach is equally focused on finances and employees, so benefits are aligned with strategic financial and corporate objectives. Our team helps you better manage your healthcare costs while keeping you ahead of the ever-changing worlds of health care and employee benefits.  We deliver the benefits tools and resouces to:

  • Keep benefits costs in check
  • Work with a diverse workforce
  • Attract and retain top talent
  • Automate employee enrollment
  • Ensure employee education, knowledge and use of all benefits
  • Maintain employee happiness and meet your CFO’s goals

Our team is so committed to helping you quantify employee benefits and services that that we will refund your fees if you are not satisfied with our services.  Our Benefits ROI Calculator will help your company see its employee benefit program from a different perspective.

Because we are an independent, privately held company that can get things done quickly, you can depend on us as an extension of your HR team. Find out more about the customized HR Solutions that align with your company’s goals.